11 Must Visit Places Present in Tuscany, Italy


Italian holidays are a coveted thing for many people around the world. It is a cultural hub for people who love art and architecture. It is also known for the beaches and also the notable spots. Tuscany is one of the most famous Italian tourist destinations that one can cover. Tuscany has some of the best point of interest to see in entire Italy. Tourists can book luxury holidays in Tuscany to enjoy their stay in the region. They should use their time to roam around and know more about the place. We will talk about some places that one must visit in Tuscany.

Which places should you visit in Tuscany?

Tuscany is an important Italian hub as it reminds us of Shakespeare and other eminent intellectuals who were in love with the place. You get several UNESCO heritage sites when you are in Tuscany. So, we thought about including some of them here to help tourists out. Let us begin with them:

  •     Pisa: You must have heard about the leaning tower of Pisa. It is located in the North-western region of Tuscany beside the Arno River. You cannot miss this world heritage site. Along with it, there are architectural remnants of the middle ages when it used to be an important place. You can visit several such places throughout the city to witness the architectural beauty.  History lovers will fall in love with this place.

  • Florence: This is one of the most visited cities in the world. In Florence, you will feel like a prince or princess going through its streets. All of it is quite picturesque in all senses. You can visit the Duomo and Baptistery to know about their history. The place was the center of art and architecture so you have a tonne of points to venture. The Uffizi and Pitti Palace is a world acclaimed art gallery present in Florence.

  • San Gimignano: This is a small commune present in Tuscany. Its beauty still reminds of the middle ages which are quite a mystery. But the 15 towers present in the place are just fantastic. Even poets wrote about the beauty of this place. It is a must visit place if you are in Tuscany.

  • Chianti Wine Region: Tuscany is a place that is known for its wines. So, if you get a chance to visit such a vineyard will you miss it? Our guess is no. You should definitely visit the Chianti region to experience its beauty. You can also stop at one of the small villages to taste their local food and wine.

  • Montepulciano: This place is also known for its vineyards and the special kind of red grapes. It has a rustic beauty due to the terracotta adorned houses. The Piazza Grande is one of the notable destinations because of the shiny marbles. But other than that you can also see the Palazzo Comunale and the Palazzo Nobili-Tarugi which also stands tall among the other buildings.

  • Volterra: This is one of the hill towns present in Tuscany. You will become amazed by its beauty. There are numerous remnants of the Roman period and also the Etruscan times. The main places to visit in this town are Piazza dei Priori, the Palazzo Pretorio, the Roman amphitheater and the Romanesque Cathedral.

  •     Lucca: When you arrive in Lucca you will feel that you are in the 16th century again. They have perfectly walkable walls and also all modern amenities. So, the tourist wouldn’t have any problem when they are visiting this amazing place. You should visit the Piazza Anfiteatro and the Guinigi Tower. The San Martino Cathedral is also quite beautiful.

  • Elba: This is an island that falls into the region of Tuscany. It is situated in the Mediterranean Sea and this gives rise to its diversity. There are about 150 beaches that you can visit on this island. The Marina di Campo is the best-known beach in the area. You can enjoy the coves and the sandy beaches while looking at the picture perfect water.

  • Val d’Orcia: Many people are interested in seeing the vast countryside of a place. This gives them that scenery that they may only have imagined by reading books. You will see several vineyards that are stretched over a lot of lands. A heritage railway binds this place. People visiting this place will definitely love the unique experience.

  •     Arezzo: This is yet another important city in Tuscany. It is in the middle of the Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts. It is a hill town and the upper part has the older portion. The main crowd is situated in the modern lower town which is a hub of business. The Fortezza Medicea, the Duomo San Donato and the Teatro Petrarca are some of the sights to see in the old town. One can also visit the notable museums present in the town.

  •     Siena: Siena has preserved its historic center in a pristine condition. This is a pull factor for many because of its beauty. You can visit the town to know about the past culture and also see the architecture left behind by them.

So, here are some of the places that one can visit in Tuscany. They are extremely beautiful and we are sure that tourists would love them. They should cover as many as possible to feel satisfied after visiting Tuscany. We hope that we have provided adequate help with this list.


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