Beach Holiday vs. Mountain Holiday: Which Is More Inspiring to Take a Break?


Taking a break from the hectic life revolving around office, home, or school mundanely is important. People often like to go for vacations this time around when schools are closed for summer vacations. Those who love nature prefer going to hill stations or beaches. If you have to choose one, which one will you prefer?

Beach holiday and mountain holiday have their own charm and their unique appealing qualities. Actually speaking, when it comes to choosing between geographies, the personalities of the people going for the trip comes into play.

You need to think what you love better: beach towels, waves, sandcastles, and umbrellas or books, hiking boots, and cold weather. Both mountains and beaches have a different charm that appeals to different type of people.

Mountain Holidays

Mountain destinations appeal to people who love secluded places where no one bothers them and they can go into deep thoughts amidst nature. Mountains are known to facilitate profound ideas and isolation. It is the best choice if you are making a solo journey for some soul-searching. These are ideal vacations for introverts who don’t want anyone to come between them and nature. Mountain lovers are mostly early risers who are more active during the day. During the evenings, they would want to remain cozy inside with a book by the fire or watch a good movie.

Beach Holidays

Beach is the perfect place for people who love attention, fun, interaction, noise etc. Beaches are more of a social dwelling where people hang out with each other, riding waves, drinking and having fun.

With exotic options like Panama City Beach in Florida and Treasure Beach in Jamaica, they are a better choice when you are heading with family, friends or have an extrovert personality. Those who love shorelines generally have a tendency to be lazier during the day. Their vitality enhances as the sun goes down and they gear up for partying till late

Both places have their own charm. Things can be different if you choose a more commercialized hill station or a nascent beach as your holiday destination. In that case, the beach will be a quiet and cozy place, while the mountain destination will be noisy, full of people and activities.

Going for a vacation is definitely important as it rejuvenates and makes you ready for another innings back home. The ideal destination for vacation is one that resonates with your personality. Vacations are always fun and revitalizing, but this pleasure and revitalization increase multifold when you are at peace with your internal scenery.


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