7 Best Selfie Spots in USA


A visit to America can bequeath you with a plethora of experiences on various fronts food, culture, terrains, activities, and even art among many more. Some of these are indeed going to delight to you to such an excitement that you are ought to cherish them for a lifetime. Flooding even the Best Vacation Planner there are places that hold special significance when it comes to seizing that moment into a picture, or more popularly a selfie today! That being said, here is a list of 7 Best Selfie Spots in USA that you’ve got to cover on your US tourism map.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

One of the most sought-after destinations on leading trip planners like TripHobo among others, the Antelope Canyon does not cease to view onlookers, real or virtual. Its magnificent formation caused to various geographical features draw visitors from all around the world. The dramatic light play makes your job easier, as literally, every picture clicked here is awe-striking.

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

On your plans to travel USA, make sure to include the fantastic Ozark National Forest on your itinerary. Replete with wilderness, this attraction is popular for camping and hiking. The Whitaker Point, overlooking the serene Buffalo National River is where you should head for a selfie!

Brooklyn End Of The Brooklyn Bridge, New York

One of the best selfie spot ideas in New York and a much better one than the overdone Times Square, Brooklyn End Of The Brooklyn Bridge is a winner! Encapsulating all the essence of the bridge, this spot gives you an unparalleled view of the famous NYC skyline along with the two concrete arches just elevating the whole frame!

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

A given on every USA travel guide, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has no dearth of selfie spots. Everywhere you look, you are ought to be beckoned by a spot luring you to click a selfie. Choose a good spot from where you get a good view of the molten lava and steam blending in with the ocean’s waves.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

One of the top 5 selfie spots in the US, the Grand Canyon and its striking magnificence has caught the fancy of several artists, filmmakers especially. Whether you want to boast of clicking a picture where Hangover was shot or simply a surreal Colorado River carved steep-sided canyon, a selfie here is a must!

Hawk Hill, above the Golden Gate Bridge, California

The Golden Gate Bridge, if we may say, is more of an emotion that merely a structure. With so many trying to encapsulate the entirety of the bridge in a frame, you may want to find a good spot that actually does so. Where is it? Marin County’s Hawk Hill!

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The USA can never have enough of national parks and one can never have enough of selfies at them! With its breathtaking waterfalls, trails, lakes, and canyons, this spot is one haven for selfies!

With this list, rest assured you are only to return from your American rendezvous with experiences to boast enough about having clicked pictures at some of the top selfie spots in the world!


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