Top 4 Perfume Brands for Women


Buying a perfume online or from a store is not a difficult task, but selecting the right brand can be difficult at times. Women often get confused in this matter as all the brands provide awesome fragrances. To help the ladies select the best perfume brand, let’s see the popular 4 perfume brands for women.



Burberry is a renowned and highly trusted when it comes to perfume brands for women. The entire range is extremely alluring and hot. Burberry fragrances are accessible in the price range of INR 1000 to INR 4000 depending upon the aroma and nature of fragrance. You can browse through various websites about the group of Burberry perfumes.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein offers a wide range of appealing perfumes for ladies with remarkable fragrance. These perfumes are extremely appealing and have the capability to give one-of-a-kind character to you. It offers a wide variety of perfumes like citrus, flower, fresh, oriental and woody. You can get your hands on one of the best perfumes in the world in the affordable price range of INR 2000 – INR 5000.  These perfumes are available online and offline as well.


Davidoff perfumes are perfect for ladies and can be the best option for them. These perfumes can give you unique combinations to boost your personality. It has a wide range of products like aquatic and floral perfumes. The cost of Davidoff perfume begins from INR 1000 and goes up to INR 4000 or more. When it comes to durability, these perfumes can be endured for a long time and moreover it will spread like sweet odor across your surroundings for an entire day.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is another famous name when it comes to popular perfume brands for women. It is hot as well as rich in fragrance. You can pick the best Armani perfumes in the likes of citrus, botanical, fresh, oriental and woody fragrances. The cost for Giorgio Armani perfume is around INR 4000; however, it can vary depending upon your choice. Pick the best and dependable range from the brand and surprise your loved ones with the gorgeous smell.


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