Essential Points to Consider While Selecting Water Purifiers Ideal for Indian Homes


We have a lot of questions in our mind when we decide to buy a water purifier for our homes. The most obvious ones are: which water purifier model will be the best choice? Where should we buy it from: online or showroom? Which purifier to choose for bore-well water supply or tap water? Before shopping online, we read all the reviews of the product and choose the right one that suits our needs.  How can you make sure you opt for the best water purifier for Indian homes?

Before choosing your water purifier, it is crucial to know the water supply quality in your locality, appropriate purification steps for the particular kind of water, essential technical information, the quality of the components, the life of consumables based on ease of use, consumption and most importantly the maintenance cost. So, what can be the essential points that you will have to consider while selecting a water purifier for an Indian home? Let’s find out!

The Basic Knowledge

The first thing that you need to know before choosing a water purifier is the water quality. Most products available in the market come with multiple purification stages. These water purification technology that you choose should depend on the water quality. Note that adding unwanted steps will increase the product cost as well as maintenance. 

The next thing to look for is the storage tank capacity of the water purifier. For a small family, a water purifier of 5-7 litres can do the job. But, if you live as a joint family with more than 5 people, you can go for a purifier that has a 10-liter tank.

What Hurts the Most?

No doubt, most of us complain about the after-sales service provided by various brands of water purifiers India. Buy a water purifier from reputed brands that offer excellent after-sales service like Kent. Once again, when it comes to water purifier maintenance, factors such as water supply quality, technology and consumption rate affect a lot. Always remember that the ideal purifier should not have high maintenance cost. Top brands offer free installation and 1-2 years manufacturer’s warranty. In some cases, you will find that small companies charge you for installations. It is advisable to check the installation details and warranty before buying the water purifier.

Explore the Truth

Most companies don’t provide 100% RO purified water because it is almost as tasteless as distilled water. But, there are some products that offer 100% RO cartridge. Re-mineralizer cartridges are used to retain the essential minerals and good taste. So, the next time a salesperson visits you, make sure you ask him if the purifier provides 100% RO purified water. You should go for a properly designed and efficient RO system with an appropriate technology to save water so that water wastage is minimised.

Advanced purification technologies are getting introduced every day and there are various types of water purifiers India like gravity-based water purifiers, reverse osmosis purifiers, ultraviolet purifiers in the market. Before you buy the best one, make sure you have the best knowledge about your needs. Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between need and desire. Choose wisely!


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