Kim Kardashian Revamped Her Hairstyle for Yeezy’s Ad Campaign and Surprised Her Fans across the World


The famous fashionista Kim Kardashian has always been supportive of her husband’s work and she has been helping him in his ad campaigns. Since the celebrity designer Kanye West joined Adidas’ Yeezy Boost brand, Kardashian could obviously be spotted wearing shoes of the iconic brand.

While Kanye West is busy promoting Yeezy Season 6 ad campaign on the billboards of Times Square and throughout the Herald Square, Kim was already seen working on modeling pieces from Yeezy’s upcoming collection.

She was spotted ditching her blonde colored hair and replacing it with pink color when she reached the International Airport in Tokyo, Japan along with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian (who was proudly boasting her belly bump). She shocked her fans by transforming her hair to a bright pink color and she completed the look by flaunting the shoes that she wore from the Yeezy Season 7 collection. The famous model’s look was styled by fashion innovator Carine Roitfeld who had previously styled her in the last season of Yeezy collection.

In the previous campaign, the fashion designer styled every model like West’s celebrity wife and even Paris Hilton had to showcase similar style previously worn by Kardashian. The ad campaigns then rolled out and made the customers buy the products as soon as it was available. The whole New York City was interested in grabbing a pair of shoes from Yeezy’s collection.

Kanye West surprised the fans by carefully selecting few comments left by the fans in their social media handles (Instagram and Twitter) and featured them as a part of a campaign.

A user who goes by the name @mellebanks was seen as commenting, “Bible? Omg I have two words: I DIE‼😂 I love her [Kim Kardashian] so much. Sadly, I couldn’t participate in the Yeezy SZN 6 Kimmy clone promo, but this alone makes me feel a part… This just made my Friday. I love my Kardashians.”

And when they realized that their comments were featured, they were very excited about this.


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