Kanye West Takes Yeezy Season 6 Underground

Instagram / @alvinblanco

The marketing tactics of Kanye West to promote Yeezy Season 6 are unrivaled. He continues to prove that he is a marketing genius. He started his campaign with some promotions underground.

On Friday morning, New York Subway System popped up with promos and photos of Yeezy Season 6 decals. Yeezy poster covered every inch of the subway, including the subway walls, turnstiles, pillars, and every possible advertising space offered by Herald Square station. People started sharing the image of Yeezy on social media and this started becoming viral within a short span.

Andi Gingerich

This marketing campaign was paid and approved. The employees working at Herald Station have neatly covered up the station with Yeezy Season 6 stills.

Instagram / @alvinblanco

There are shots of featured Instagram images of Kim Kardashian West, Amina Bleu, and Clermont who are dressed in Yeezy Season 6 clothes. These featured images and posts were first shared on the respective Instagram accounts a month back.

Official details about the collection of Season 6 Yeezy are yet to be announced.


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