Walmart website selling Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers for $6,499


There is officially a pair of sneakers selling for $6,499 on Walmart’s website. The shoes on offer are a couple of Kanye West’s famed Nike Air Yeezy 2s in red, and they are going for the price of a pretty solid used car.

Walmart itself did not set the price, as the size 8.5 footwear was posted on the site by a reseller called Sole-Unlimited LLC.

The shoes are listed in the sale description as “Nike Mens Air Yeezy 2 SP ‘Red October’ Red 508214-660,” and identified as “Brand New in Original Box. Comes with all accessories associated with the release. Original Receipt will be included.” And, according to the site, there’s “[o]nly one left!”

The shocking sticker price on the shoes – which were designed as a collaboration between Nike and Kanye West (nickname Yeezy) – led the listing to become a trending topic on Facebook Friday afternoon, drawing a wide range of user comments.

The shoes may never sell, given the sky-high price. Or maybe some deep-pocketed shopper will buy them as a gag.

But the reviews they drew on the listing are hilarious enough that the whole experiment won’t have been for naught.
“I use my Yeezy’s to nurture two of my most prized precious succulent plants — Julian, and DayStar,” one reviewer wrote. “Since I planted Julian and DayStar into their new homes I’ve watched them hit a new growth spurt. The nutrients in the Air Yeezy’s have brought new life to my plants.”


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