How to Buy Yeezys, From People Who Actually Have

yeezys shoes

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is releasing in the “Cream White” colorwaySaturday. For most people, it’s welcome to heartbreak for the umpteenth time. I wish I could put together a guide that told you how to successfully get your hands on Kanye’s kicks. (And at the bottom of this page you can find the few ways to get your hands on these shoes.) Alas, I have tried to purchase every pair of Yeezys and have come away empty-footed each time. This makes me a highly unqualified source to tell anyone how they should go about successfully grabbing these shoes.

yeezys shoes

And I’m hardly alone. Everyone who buys Yeezys is defying incredible odds. Erik Fagerlind and Peter Jansson, the founders of the sneaker shop Sneakersnstuff, wrote a blog post before the last release day detailing the grim outlook for hopeful customers. “Based on previous Yeezy drops, we estimate somewhere around 75,000 and 125,000 of you are trying to buy a pair.”

And that’s just on Sneakersnstuff alone. Combine that with the fact that Kanye told Harper’s Bazaar that only 40,000 pairs of Yeezys are made for each drop, and do the math. “A good guesstimate is that you have about 0.25 percent chance of landing a pair,” Fagerlind and Jansson write.

If you let it, buying Yeezys can be a complete weekend ruiner. Attempting to buy from every shop included in the US releases typically requires waking up at 8 a.m. and enduring websites buckling under the enormous influx of traffic, and (if you’re lucky to even get that far) the occasional adrenaline rush of putting your details in at checkout, only to find out someone stealthier than you already snatched them up.

Twitter is flooded with much more profanity than it is tales of success, and even more griping about “bots” — lines of code that are unleashed on e-commerce shops that can bypass queues, add items to cart, and check out much faster than any human could hope to. Frustrated and desperate Yeezy fans (really, anyone looking to buy a hyped item) often turn to bots or services that can deploy them.

There are countless reasons to be frustrated by this process. But here, people I found on Twitter who have bragged about successfully getting Yeezys share how they did it — and may even be able to provide a little bit of hope for you.


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